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Fluoride is used for the prevention of tooth decay. Sunnyside Dentistry for Children uses several different types of fluoride.

Prescription Fluoride  This form of fluoride is mostly beneficial to the permanent teeth developing in the jaw bones. Systemic fluorides are those that are ingested into the body and become incorporated into forming tooth structures to create higher resistance to decay. Systemic fluorides can also give topical protection because fluoride is present in saliva, which continually bathes the teeth. We recommend prescription fluoride to children ages 1-9 yrs. At age 9, the crowns of the permanent teeth are fully developed.

Prescription fluoride is available in tablet form or liquid drops. Your child should only take a fluoride supplement if he or she does not live in a water-fluoridated community. We understand that children may ingest water from different communities, for this reason, we prescribe half the recommended dose to keep your child safe from fluorosis or discolored spots on permanent teeth. To maximize the benefit of fluoride, take the doses as prescribed. Any risks with fluoride are the direct result of improper use.

Professional Fluoride Treatment In-office fluoride treatment (fluoride varnish) is recommended every six months. These fluorides are more concentrated than the self-applied fluorides, and therefore are not needed as frequently. The treatment is applied directly to the teeth with a small brush. This treatment benefits the teeth visible in the mouth. The fluoride adheres to the tooth, and absorbs into the tooth structure to create resistance to dental decay. Your child may eat and drink right away. We ask that you avoid crunchy foods and hot liquids for the first hour. The treatment time is 4-6 hours. The varnish can be removed before bedtime with a toothbrush. If your child is also taking a fluoride supplement, we ask that the supplement is skipped for two days following the fluoride treatment.

Topical Fluoride All forms of fluoride other than the prescription are for topical use and benefit the surfaces of teeth already visible in the mouth. Continuation of the products (toothpaste, mouth rinse, etc.) is encouraged as long as they are not swallowed. Topical fluoride is safe to use when taking fluoride supplements (prescription fluoride).

Silver Diamine Fluoride Treatment SDF treatment is particularly effective in stabilizing extensive decay in pediatric patients. The silver kills the bacteria, thus reducing the potential for the lesion to advance or the bacteria to spread to surrounding teeth. The decayed surfaces increase in mineral composition and hardness, causing the decay to arrest.

This treatment is recommended for young children who cannot undergo restorative care due to age and/or behavior. SDF application is NOT used in lieu of treatment, but rather to postpone treatment until it can be accomplished.

Decayed area should be treated at regular intervals. When applied every six months, SDF arrests more than 90% of dental caries. The agent acts as an antimicrobial that remains active well after the application.

Due to the silver component, SDF treatment will permanently stain the decayed areas of the tooth black. Upon future restorative treatment, the tooth will be restored to natural tooth color. You can reach our clinic in Clackamas, OR at 503-855-5100

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