Create a Stronger Smile With Dental Crowns in Clackamas, OR

Poor dental care, genetics, or a mouth injury can leave a child with weak or decaying teeth. If the tooth’s roots and base remain, it can often be saved. If you would prefer not to remove a weakened tooth entirely, trust our team to apply dental crowns in Clackamas, OR.

At Sunnyside Dentistry for Children, we know that a set of strong teeth can improve a child’s ability to speak, eat, and live confidently. Using dental crowns, we can often restore a tooth and prevent an extraction. We always try and save the primary tooth, as primary teeth are critical for proper spacing when permanent teeth come in.

With dental crowns, we can restore a broken molar, usually with a stainless steel crown. We have over 26 years of experience and can improve your child’s smile.

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When you visit our office, our staff will be happy to discuss the procedure in greater detail. We can even provide you with information regarding the care of dental crowns. Or, you can find additional information by visiting our crown education page

To start the process, please give us a call today. Sunnyside Dentistry for Children will help you set up a consultation with our pediatric dentist. From there, we can evaluate your child’s teeth and inform you of your options. Reach out to our Clackamas, OR dental team at 503-855-5100

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