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By Sunnyside Dentistry For Children, PC
November 26, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

Tooth FillingsDental fillings help keep teeth strong and healthy. When children develop a cavity in a primary or baby tooth, it is important to remove all signs of decay, clean out the tooth, and seal it with a filling. The filling strengthens and restores the tooth. At Sunnyside Dentistry for Children, Dr. David Doyle is your pediatric dentist for children’s dental fillings in Clackamas, OR.

How Important are Fillings?

It is easy to dismiss the need for a filling when the affected tooth is a baby tooth that will eventually fall out. However, fillings help keep teeth healthy and healthy baby teeth can contribute to healthy permanent teeth. Signs of possible decay include tooth pain and sensitivity, as well as weak areas in the tooth or the enamel. A pediatric dentist can identify the signs of decay in your child’s teeth.

When an infected tooth is left untreated, decay can spread and progress. It is important to remove decay when it develops in order to prevent it from spreading to other areas. Treatment of an infected tooth involves removing signs of decay and cleaning the tooth. Once the decay is removed, an empty cavity remains. That cavity can leave a tooth weak and vulnerable to additional decay. Fillings are used to protect teeth from additional decay, strengthen weak areas, and restore teeth so your child can resume biting and chewing food free of pain or sensitivity.

What are Tooth-Colored Fillings?

Tooth-colored fillings are made from a composite resin material that matches the color of natural teeth. Since they match the color of natural teeth, tooth-colored fillings readily blend in and are not noticeable to others. Additionally, some parents appreciate the fact that tooth-colored fillings do not contain any metals.

Dental fillings help your child’s teeth remain healthy and strong. For pediatric dental fillings in Clackamas, OR schedule an apportionment with Dr. Doyle by calling Sunnyside Dentistry for Children at (503) 855-5100.

By Sunnyside Dentistry For Children, PC
March 14, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
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The dental team at Sunnyside Dentistry for Children in Clackamas, OR specializes in treating dental ailments that are common in young fillingschildren. One dental issue that frequently affects children is cavities and tooth decay. The treatment for cavities is dental fillings. Know when your child needs a filling and what you should both expect at your next dentist appointment.

What Is a Filling?
A filling is a dental treatment that covers up tiny holes in your tooth enamel. It is done in conjunction with a cavity cleaning in young children. Any decayed matter is taken out of the tooth before the filling material is applied to the surface. Without a cleaning and filling in the beginning stages of decay, a tooth can become seriously infected. If you want your child to keep all of his or her teeth well into adulthood, have those cavities treated early.

Does Your Child Need Fillings?
It can be difficult to see a tiny cavity on a child’s tooth. Unfortunately, the first sign is usually a sensation of pain when the child bites down on food or a piece of candy. If you inspect the tooth closely you might see a small dark spot on the enamel. If you want to catch a problem before it becomes painful, see your Clackamas dentist every six months for dental checkups and cleanings. The dentist will do a visual inspection and use a special tool to check the surface of the teeth for potential cavities. 

Easing Your Child’s Worries
Some children are very afraid of going to the dentist, which is understandable. They are nervous about the sound of drills and dental pain. Ease your child’s worries by letting them know that sedation will be used before and during the procedure. You can discuss these sedation options, including nitrous oxide and numbing fluid, with your dentist in advance.

Protect Your Child’s Smile
Going to the dentist is probably not your child’s favorite pastime, but it’s still important to have cavities detected and treated as soon as possible. Call Sunnyside Dentistry for Children in Clackamas, OR at (503)-855-5100 to schedule a visit with Dr. David Doyle.

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