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April 19, 2012
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Do you find yourself stressed, anxious or nervous when you are on your way to an appointment and it’s taking longer than planned?  You are not alone.  Here are some tips to help you show up on time without feeling worn out by the time you arrive. Keep in mind that your time is valuable, no matter if it’s spent on items for business or pleasure.

Focus: Time management is a reflection of the rest of your life.  Therefore, it’s important to only focus on things that are of value to you.  If you agree to do something only because you’re being “nice” and don’t want to say no; re-visit this line of thinking. 

Build in a buffer:  Competent time managers know that tasks often take more time than you initially predict.  Build in buffer when you agree to be somewhere at a specific time.  This is also important when forecasting how much time it will take to get to an appointment.  For example, expect traffic and plan accordingly.

Leave Reminders: If forgetfulness is an issue, leave post-it notes in your car, on the coffee maker, anywhere that will be obvious to you to remind you of upcoming appointments.

Don’t Allow the Little Things to Get In the Way:  If your gas tank is almost empty, fill it.  Having to stop to fill up the tank on the way to a appointment, will most likely make you late.  If you need to drop mail off at the post office, do it when you’re not en route to an appointment.

Being an effective time manager requires you to be honest with yourself about your limitations and abilities.


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