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June 06, 2018
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Pediatric Dentistry


Both you and your little one need to make oral care a priority for the whole family.

From the moment your child is born you want to do everything possible to make sure they remain healthy and happy. Of course, while you may be focused on making sure your little one doesn’t catch infections or other health problems, it’s also important that you are starting them early on the path to good oral health. Our Clackamas, OR, pediatric dentist Dr. David Doyle is here to tell you how to ensure that your child’s smile remains healthy.

But my child doesn’t have teeth?

Even though your little one’s baby teeth haven’t started to erupt yet you still need to make sure that you are keeping their gums healthy. This means wiping the gums with a soft cloth after feedings. You won’t have to use toothpaste or anything like that during this stage. Just make sure that you are gently wiping their tongue, cheeks and gums after eating to prevent bacteria from forming.

My child’s first tooth is coming in. Now what?

This is a great question. That first little tooth sighting can be quite exciting for parents. Of course, now that the tooth has erupted we know that the rest are sure to follow. Once your child’s first tooth appears it’s time to call your Clackamas, OR, children’s dentist to schedule an appointment. When you come in for your child’s first visit this is a great way to establish rapport with us and for us to get to know your family. We love seeing new patients in our offices, especially young ones that are getting a jump start on their oral health. Once your child’s first tooth comes in or by the time they turn 1 year old (whichever comes first) they should come in for their first appointment.

How do I clean my child’s first tooth?

It’s important that you find a toothpaste that is geared toward your baby’s age. Using a baby-friendly toothpaste, only use an amount about the size of a grain of rice. As your child gets older you can continue to increase the amount of toothpaste used to brush their teeth.

When should my child get involved?

Until your child turns 7 or 8 years old you will need to brush their teeth for them. You can find ways to make brushing and flossing your teeth a fun family affair. Turn on fun videos or shows while brushing and spend time doing it together. Also, show your child the proper brushing and floss techniques so that they know how to do it once they reach the appropriate age.

Sunnyside Dentistry for Children in Clackamas, OR, is dedicated to providing the very best dental care to children of all ages. No matter whether it’s your child’s first dental visit or they’ve been coming here for years, don’t hesitate to reach out to us whenever you have questions or concerns, or if you just need to make an appointment.


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