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February 20, 2020
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How your pediatric dentists in Clackamas, OR, can help your child enjoy a healthy smile

Did you know that children are never too young to get a cavity? It’s true! In fact, the minute the first primary tooth erupts in your child’s mouth, your child is at risk of tooth decay. The risks become even greater as your child gets older, thanks to the availability of sugar-laden candy, sodas, and other snacks. Fortunately, you and your pediatric dentist can do a lot to fight tooth decay.

Dr. David E. Doyle, Dr. Eric Jacobsen, and Dr. Jake Hutchings of Sunnyside Dentistry For Children in Clackamas, OR, offer a wide range of children's dental services to help your child enjoy a healthy smile.

Healthy dental habits are key

A major weapon in the fight against tooth decay is practicing excellent oral hygiene habits. Remember to practice regular brushing and flossing yourself too and have your child watch you. After all, children copy what their parents do, and this is a great way to show your child how important excellent oral hygiene is.

Teach your child to brush after meals and before bedtime; you can do this by standing behind your child as both of you face a mirror. Place a tiny amount of toothpaste on the toothbrush and gently brush your child’s teeth in a circular motion. Make sure to brush all surfaces and along the gumline. Then, have your child demonstrate the technique back to you. To help with this, there are many kid-friendly toothbrushes available to make brushing fun for kids.

When your child is about 4 years old, flossing can also be introduced. Have your child hold a hand mirror and watch you floss their teeth. Have your child demonstrate the technique back to you. Additionally, it can be helpful to begin flossing using floss picks, which come in kid-friendly shapes and colors to make flossing fun.

As your child gets older and the permanent molars erupt, your pediatric dentists will likely recommend sealants as a final layer of protection against tooth decay. Sealants work by sealing up the deep grooves and crevices where decay often begins. Dental sealants are an inexpensive, pain-free procedure that provides great benefits as your child grows.

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Your child doesn’t have to suffer from tooth decay. A combination of great oral hygiene habits, regular dental visits with your pediatric dentist, fluoride, and sealants can help your child enjoy a healthy smile for life. To learn more about oral hygiene habits for your child, call Sunnyside Dentistry For Children in Clackamas, OR, today by dialing (503)-855-5100


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