Teeth are made out of calcium, mineral salts and phosphorus. Kids have 20 teeth that are not permanent and will eventually fall out to make room for 32 permanent teeth. It is important to teach kids at a young age the importance of taking care of their teeth to prevent decay. To get kids interested in proper dental hygiene, talking about fun teeth facts may be a way to pique their interest in their own teeth.

George Washington

The first president, George Washington, had false teeth. His teeth kept deteriorating and dentists had to take them out. He had nine dentists who tried to make him dentures. Only one of the dentists was able to make a pair of dentures that George Washington found comfortable. His false teeth were made out of teeth from a cow, hippopotamus and walrus. His favorite dentist made him four sets of dentures and when he died, he was buried with one of the sets in his mouth.


An elephant has two upper molars and two lower molars. Its molars are one foot across and weigh about 9 pounds. Elephants don't chew their food, they grind it. After about 10 years of grinding down at least a hundred pounds of vegetation daily, their teeth are worn down to the gum line and they fall out. New teeth then reappear. An elephant may go through six sets of teeth in its lifetime.


The modern toothbrush that we use today was not invented until 1938. In order to get teeth clean, twigs were used in ancient civilizations. People would chew on the tip of a twig to make it spread out into several small strands. They would then use it in the same way that a toothbrush is used. These twigs were called chew sticks. These chew sticks were very effective in getting the teeth clean.


Toothpaste used to be very different than what we use today. Ashes, chalk, charcoal, honey and lemon juice have all been used as a cleaner for the teeth. People have even tried things that are dried and rough, such as crushed egg shells and parts of animal hooves to clean their teeth. A form of minty cream used to clean the teeth was first invented at the beginning of the 20th century.

Toothache Relief

Many remedies have been used to try to relieve toothaches. Ancient Chinese people would wrap the teeth that were causing them pain with parchment paper that they had written words on. Those from Germany would kiss a donkey when they had a toothache because they believed it would help make the pain go away. Some people thought a worm would get in their teeth and cause pain and there was nothing they could do to make the pain stop.


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