September 20, 2012
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Has your child ever had a tooth turn gray?  This can happen as a result of decay or from trauma to a tooth and the surrounding area.  A tooth turning gray is a warning sign that an infection may follow if treatment is not performed.  Sometimes antibiotics are required to control the infection.  If caught early a tooth may be saved by pulp therapy and not always need to be extracted.  If you see a fluid filled bump on the gum tissue it should be checked out by Dr. Doyle.  If a primary tooth needs to be extracted a space maintainer may be needed to preserve space for the future eruption of the permanent tooth. 

It’s always a good idea to have any trauma to the teeth looked at by Dr. Doyle as soon as possible.  We take a picture and monitor it to make sure the tooth doesn’t become infected and cause swelling and pain. 


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