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February 21, 2013
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Few things are more precious than a child's wide, toothy grin. Parents who meticulously brush their children's teeth and try to use good oral hygiene are often shocked to find that their child's teeth are yellowing or are starting to get yellow. When this happens, you will need to schedule an appointment with your pediatric or family dentist first. Then, you want to try to figure out why your child's teeth are becoming yellow. There are a number of reasons that this can happen, and different ways to treat the problem.


Sometimes yellowing of teeth can be caused from staining. lists a variety of things that can cause tooth staining from foods or drinks (such as soda), iron or iron supplements, and ammonium based compounds or rinses. If the source of your child's yellow teeth is staining, you may want to seek to discover and eliminate whatever is causing the stains.

Insufficient Oral Hygeine

Food debris or plaque left on a child's teeth can cause yellowing or staining. Sometimes, parents leave it to children to brush their teeth and they don't do an adequate job. Always be sure to assist in the brushing and flossing of your child's teeth to clean them properly.

Staining from Antibiotics and Medication

Different medications and antibiotics are known to cause discoloration and yellowing of teeth in children, as stated on In fact, ingestion of Tetracycline by the mother during later pregnancy can cause staining on the child's teeth. Another medication that can cause yellowing is Amoxicillin. At times, this cannot be avoided, but is important for parents to be aware of the problem.

Natural Variations in Tooth Color

Some children's teeth will naturally appear more yellow than others. This may be due to hereditary or environmental factors. However, everyone's teeth are different and a slightly different shade or color.


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