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Lindsay Knez is founder and director of therapy at Collaborating for Kids, a service provider with Indiana's First Steps early intervention program. She and her speech-language pathologists compiled ways to encourage language skills at home:

-Talk about what's happening in picture books as you read, and have your child point to pictures that you name.

-Encourage your child to help you with tasks around the house as you talk about what you are doing.

-Have meals together as a family to help teach social language skills.

-Limit pacifier use so your child can practice making speech sounds and putting them together into words.

-Expand on what your child says. If your child says “car,” you say, “Yes, that’s a big blue car.”

-If your child is not yet talking, try using sign language.

-Create situations where your child needs to communicate. Place a toy out of reach, for example.

-Even if you are not sure what your child is saying, respond with a comment that is similar and fits the activity.

-Try not to anticipate your child’s needs. Give him time to use gestures or speech to make his wants or needs known.

-Give choices by holding up two objects or pictures. Encourage the child to use a sign or word to make the choice.


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